Jan 11

Useful Services Exchange Annual Dinner is coming up January 25

Our Annual Membership Dinner Meeting is coming up January 25, 4:30 PM, at the Unitarian Universalist Church on 1625 Wiehle Ave in Reston. It is time for us to meet together and clear up our annual USE business plus meet and have fun. This is an anniversary year for Reston, the 100th birthday of Reston’s founder and the 42nd year of USE’s existence. Bring a dish to share and come and enjoy!!

Aug 14

End of Summer Potluck on September 21st! Update: Location Change!


Reston USE is celebrating the end of summer with a family picnic on September 21st, 2012 from 4pm-7pm. Come meet members who have the talent you need! If you haven’t already received an Evite, send an email to jnorton720@comcast.net.

You will earn one hour of USE credit if you bring a dish or beverage to share, and another hour if you bring a prospective member who joins at the picnic.

May 16

New, Fast Way to Record Service Transactions!

We’ve come up with a new way to help you submit your service transactions. All you have to do is fill out the form and hit submit. Give it a try and let us know what you think: http://www.restonuse.org/members/recording-service-transactions/

You can get to this form in the future by selecting the ‘Record a Service Transaction’ option from the ‘Members’ section on the menu bar of the ResotnUSE.org website.

Apr 14

Potluck Dinner and Election Meeting Canceled

Dear Members:

The month of May in Reston is heavily scheduled with many family and volunteer events, some happening the same day/evening of our potluck. It turns out that Rescue Reston, which protests plans to use a large part of Hunters’ Wood golf course for new housing, thereby obstructing the views of current houses, is meeting on May 5th.With the best interests of our community and members in mind, we are canceling the Sunday, May 5th potluck and election meeting.

Our call for election nominees resulted in uncontested positions, and so the USE members who agreed to serve as officers of the Board will attend the June board meeting and take office in July, 2013. The officers will be announced in July. If you are interested in taking a greater role with Reston USE, let us know.

Small social dinners, held at members’ homes, which started earlier this year will continue through the summer months. One is currently planned for June. If you are interested in hosting a small dinner at your place and earning USE credits,

please let us know: use33@verizon.net.

USE needs members to work one or two hours on a Saturday morning at Lake Anne Farmers Market booth; to help with computer projects, to represent USE at community events; take pictures for public relations and help with special projects.

Email us: use33@verizon.net

Thanks to all who volunteered to help this time and in the past. USE potluck dinners bring vitality and new relation- ships to members, so we will make every effort to continue to have large and small dinner meetings. An end-of-summer potluck is planned for September, so stay in touch .

Sep 29

Butterflies Anyone?

Reston volunteers recently counted somewhere around 48 varieties of butterflies—those same gentle and fragile beauties are now ready for a 2,000 mile journey south, and they need food. Does your garden provide a safe place to rest and refuel? If not, read on for a message from USE Board Member Cheri Wubbels:

Create A Free Butterfly Stopover Haven—I have been growing a native North American wildflower—Liatris—in my garden for years. This beautiful plant is also native to Virginia.  It bravely withstands heat, drought and heavy rains. It is typically a-buzz with bees and butterflies. Right now you may dig as many as you like from my front yard, or take the seeds for starting your own.  FREE!\r\nTall purple spikes of this beauty can be found in commercial floral arrangements, but you can grow your own. Simply cut off the top of the spike and put it in a flower arrangement and watch the remaining spike continue to bloom, and even branch into more spikes.\r\nIf you keep trimming them, they will bloom in to fall, and be in your garden for a Refueling station for those tiny migrating ones. Go to http://www.bbg.org/gardening/article/lofty_liatris for more information from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Bring a small shovel to dig out mature plants, or plastic bags for seeds. Stand back and enjoy butterflies and bees all summer! (The bees that feed in my garden are placid and non-threatening, so you needn’t fear). Cheri Wubbels (703-742-9182)