Reston USE members:   Change is upon us!

Please read carefully…


Your board has made the decision to adopt the use of an online platform specifically designed for Time Banks.   This platform is hOurworld, Time and Talents software, and it will be accessed from our Reston USE website.   Our account has been established and between now and the Reston USE annual picnic on September 27th we plan to be gradually onboarding all active Reston USE members to this new platform. 

The board has made this decision because it will streamline our handling of membership, of transactions, and our ability to contact each other.   Specifically, the online platform will enable us to:


    a. Accept new memberships online with a link to our paypal account;

    b. Process new memberships in one system;

    c. Manage current memberships and mailing lists in one system;

    d. Let members manage their own profile so they can list services they want to provide;

    e. Let members post what their service needs and others can respond on the same platform;

    f. Let members record transactions directly online and also see their balance right away;

    g. Send out a weekly newsletter, including the active requests for services and we can add additional text.

    h. Easily print a list of members and the services they provide.


In other words, Time and Talents will replace our elaborate spreadsheet, our online reporting system, paper registration (although we could still use it if we wanted), and our Facebook private group.  There are many more benefits to our record keeping as well.

But this change will not come all at once and we want to make sure each member is comfortable with the new system.   We will send out detailed instructions to each member, we will have multiple training sessions, and we will keep our older systems active for several months.


What you as a member can do now:

a.        Watch these videos online so you understand what is coming:

Brief History (3min):
Member Side: (8min): Time and Talents Member Quick Start by hOurworld

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b.      If you have web design skills and/or database entry skills, and want to earn some hours by facilitating the transition, please contact our Membership Chair, Malaika Walton, at


c.       If you are an “early adopter” and want to be one of the first people on the new system, and possibly a trainer, also contact Malaika.  


Thank you for supporting our Time Bank.   We look forward to working with you as this transition progresses.