Reston USE Services Index

This is a partial listing of Reston Useful Services Exchange services available to members:(members receive current listings with contact information by email)

  • baking, bicycle repair (minor), carpentry
  • checkbook balancing, child care, computer assistance
  • cooking, document preparation, editing, electrical repairs
  • gardening, handyman repairs, hauling, household chores
  • job hunting advice, “Just Ask” (miscellaneous)
  • knitting assistance, language instruction, translation
  • equipment and item lending (tools, garden, ladders, sewing machine, canoe/kayaks, food canning equipment, etc.)
  • music instruction, organizational skills
  • painting (art), instruction (watercolor, pastel, etc.)
  • painting (house), party planning, personal assistance (concierge)
  • pet care (walking), photography, plant watering
  • plumbing advice, public relations (for USE, other)
  • quilting (fabric dolls), reading to visually disabled
  • respite care, resume writing, rides
  • sewing, mending, and alterations
  • shut-ins (shopping, chores, visits)
  • tax assistance, telephoning (for USE, other), travel advice
  • tutoring – elementary school subjects, ESOL, English, math, Spanish, writing
  • website development, writing

3 thoughts on “Reston USE Services Index

  1. Good Morning –

    I see two services which I could use help on. One is document preparation, and the other is website development. However, since this is a bartering service, I can only offer that which I co professionally, which I could offer in return, and that is counseling and psychotherapy. I specialize in the treatment of trama and addiction in the family. If these would somehow qualify me to participate in your organization please let me know.

  2. I need someone who knows Excel to set us up and offer ideas. Anyone??

  3. Sustainable Reston Proposal for USE – July 2012

    We would like to coordinate with USE to see if Sustainable Reston